This winter has been a old-fashioned winter….cold and a lot of snow. About 1.40 meter in my yard now,and so on the roof.It is a lot ofkilo ,so I had to ask some one to help me and get the snow of the roof…This is what my house looks like to day… and how my courtyard looks… or this is how it looked this morning. I was so luckey that the man ,who hews (?) snow come with his traktor and remove most of the snow… And That feels great 😊I have tryed to do some clearing in my sewing room when it has been cold or snowing ….and there I found a tiny dresdenplate waiting to be somthing, I also had this frame just lying …. and by putting them together I got me a cute little decoration.

Now I hope most of the winter are done, but old saying tell February the 4. are the middle of snow…so I just has to cross my finger and hope it is wrong…

Time will show….


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