Sscs 2017

I have been a part og this years SSCS 2017 hosted by Chookyblue . Thank you Donna for make this fun once again.

This year my gift came from Michelle : Rag -Tag stitching .

This are my main gift A beautifull little wall Quilt. To great to show only for Christmas , so I call it A winter wallquilt πŸ™‚Here are some of the extras I got ❀

A cute stitchery patten , must do (!) , lovely fabric, A sweet christmascard and the sweetest Christmas stocking buttons , I even got some Malteses ( already gone )

So Thank you Michelle and Donna for making this fun happen ❀

I wish you A Happy new year ❀️


Christmas are comming

Cristmas are just a few weeks away,and for as every year I’m a part of the SSCS fun. To day I got my parsell all the way from Australia .Just look what great ornament I got. Tiny stitches on the kangaroo and on the little koala ,luckey me even got some Maltesers … Thank you my secred santa Christmas swap partner. Promice to wait untill Christmas with the main gift..but it will be difficult ….This spring I made me a little fairy garden…Sweet smal plants,some from Australia the labell tell….I have not been to satisfied with them,not growing ,but not ready to be in trash.It has been like they where saying : OK,I’m alive ,but it is not OK…Untill now,when the snow and cold weather are here in Norway,they start growing . So now I soon got a big fairygarden πŸ™‚ Yesterday I made some secred small Christmas gifts ,and suddenly I was playing with selvages… I realy dont know how it happend,but I’m satisfied with the result … new coffeecupsleeves. Some of the selvages are so beautifull so I have to make something with them…

Have a great Christmas time,and do something fun..

Hugs πŸ˜‰

Dark days….

Early winter days are pefect for indoors playing with fabrics. New magazine are so great to get in the mailbox. My newest magazine are Patchwork and Quilting,in nr fifty four Tori Smith has great patterns called Anything Goes.. I just had to made the small items.I spend some fun and busy time looking at my ‘ why did I bougth that fabrics’ I had some fussy cutting to do. And I found a lot of tiny great pieces to use… some new and a lot of old fabrics,but AS named Anything Goes 😊 I will do more of the fussy cutting,it is so fun ❣️

This morning I was so Happy I could stay at home… there was a lot of snow,and started to rain a lot … A great sewing day listening to Christmassongs on the radio,Happy no one heard me signing .LOL Out doors ,now in the evening, there are ice all over –and I have to go shopping to morrow… I have to put on ice spikes on my shoes and walk careful. I have no need to fall,not even for testing my osteoporsis… πŸ˜‰

What A diffrent the sun make ..

This is the first time I blog from my phone… still something new to try… but it feels great. May be I can blog more … can’t promise something but I will try.. 

The thing I want to show you to day are as sayd the sun make a huge diffrent. 

This is a new little tabelrunner made for fall or Halloween using some if my Cotton and Steel leftover + some more fabrics. I think some of the leftover went missing ,so I tryed to Quilt it in diffrent pattern… did not accent any success … untill the sun shine on my table…

So now I have to hope for a lot of sunny days this fall πŸ™‚ 

Happy trick and treat every one ( hope you got a lot of fabric :-))) LOL